Photo by NASA on Unsplash

i know you

in the depths of me where words do not exist

in the granite and loam of my bones and my flesh

in the minutiae of the lightning filaments of my spine i know you

in the dark, vacant hollow of my pelvis

in the microbiomes of the innermost coils of my viscera

in the luminescence of my burning quadriceps i know you

in the translucent stardust deep in my gray matter

in the perpetual resolute seasons of my heart

in the tidal ebb and flow of my lungs

i know you

formed within and without, of myself and other

you rise like something from nothing

like a universe from a speck of darkness

you expand and evolve

yet i know you

Writing links beings who might otherwise never connect, and I love that! It is a tool for evolving and moving toward our highest selves.

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