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Writing links beings who might otherwise never connect, and I love that! It is a tool for evolving and moving toward our highest selves.

Obesity is killing us, but we can take back our control

Fat-shaming has gotten a lot of bad press, and for good reason. No one should be made to feel shame for their body habitus on the basis of what is or is not beautiful or acceptable to another.

Obesity, on the other hand, is a health condition which increases health risks of gallbladder disease, sleep apnea, cardiovascular disease, polycystic ovarian syndrome, gout, and an array of cancers, such as pancreatic, liver, breast and kidney cancers. Obesity also leads to high blood pressure or hypertension, type 2 diabetes, and nonalcoholic fatty liver disease, all of which can be life-threatening conditions. Obesity…

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Central Arkansas’ single track is being damaged by riders’ lack of knowledge. With minimal education, we can change that.

Here in Hot Springs, Arkansas, we are fortunate to have some magnificent world-class single track. Our Northwoods/Cedar Glades trail system attracts riders from all over the country, hosts cycling and running events in every season, and has been the impetus for growing a strong and vibrant mountain biking community. We also boast the Womble, the Ouachita Trail, and the LOViT, all IMBA epics and each with unique features and challenges. Central Arkansas is fortunate to have trails that are well-known for…

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I know I can learn new mental habits because I started brushing my teeth at bedtime. I know, I know…everyone probably has done that for their whole lives, and it speaks volumes about my formerly filthy night mouth. But there it is. Back in July of 2020, I decided I was going to brush my teeth at bedtime every day. Since that time, this small thing has evolved from an obligation I had to remind myself to complete into a routine which I enjoy and probably could not sleep well without performing. Just like that, I decided I would do…

Our world is crashing, and it has been forever

Photo by Parsing Eye on Unsplash

I awakened this morning with the snippet “slouching toward” circling round and round my brain, and the desire to isolate the poem, misty memory, from whence it originated.

Thank Google, it was a one-attempt endeavor. I landed on “No Slouch”, published April 7, 2014, by Nick Tabor, in the Paris Review. (I highly recommend the article, it delves into the pop culture phenomenon of allusions to the poem.)

Yeats’s “The Second Coming”, circa 1919, had fed my wakening obsession: “And what rough beast, its hour come round at last, /Slouches toward Bethlehem to be born?”

This poem affects me today…

a daughter grappling with unexpected loss

image credit Cherry Laithang

Sunday night, like every night, we chatted about our day: today, your solo trip to the greenhouse you’d invited me to join, and my afternoon with a local running club event. It was a crisp and beautiful April day, sunny and briskly windy. I remember that night being the last spring night it was chilly enough to use heating that spring. April 26, 2015.

Some background — I was busy that week, working as clinical coordinator for a fast-paced surgical clinic, and with helping LW, who was on crutches from his recent right knee ACL repair/arthroscopy. He was feeling stir-crazy…

First things first. I am a cheater. Like an alcoholic, I use the current tense of the verb “be”, because I don’t know if cheating is a learned behavior or a character flaw. I am currently in a very committed monogamous relationship, so I’m a recovering cheater. I believe my recovery is directly related to the effects of the cheating itself. Here are some things I have learned on this particular path that I’d like to share.

Guilt is a real live thing.

I am nearly seven years post-infidelity, and I still feel guilt for my actions and the pain…


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